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2013 Poem
Another New Year.
2013 is here
Will it be better?
Marching the parade,
The Tournament of Roses,
Fun way to start off.
Second semester,
Second chance to get good grades,
Time to focus more.
Another New Year.
What are you going to do?
Hope this year is fun.
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 0 0
A Shadow Over the Sun
To my dearest Tia,
It is with deep remorse that I must inform you that I am leaving your Solar Empire... Your methods of controlling the citizens of Equestria are harsh and cruel... I have implored you to change your ways before... Right before you banished me to the lunar surface. But the ponies of Equestria have suffered for far too long.. I am going to take action now. Finally. As I should have a thousand years ago. I have taken a large group of loyal Equestrians to the Outland. Remember? The place where our kind lived separated and steeped in hatred before we moved to Equestria? Well it shall now be a place of peace. A grand new home for the Lunar Republic... You have no control over us now. Furthermore, I have resumed my control over the moon's rising and setting. Do not fret however, the moon shall still alternate with the sun in Equestria. Dear sister... Tia... I wish that one day you should see the error of your ways... Please do not let yourself further slip into the dea
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 9 15
Kinifox and Tinifox Story
The sky was painted black by the shadows of numerous storm clouds. Their bulk obscured any shred of light that attempted to pierce their shield. It was only in the quickest fleetings that light was able to shine down onto the earth, casting an ominous flicker across the crust. Opalescent violet eyes peered out into the darkness, a midnight pelt blending in against the black night. The perfect camouflage. The owner of these violet oculars was a sleek, onyx Kinifox. The white fur at his throat gently brushed his snout as he looked down at the ground, his optics seeming to be scanning for something. In the distance, the sound of a cracking stick rang out; the Kinifox flicked his ears towards the noise. Within a split second, the male had shot off towards the trees, spirals of luminescent purple marking showing in his pelt as he headed towards his target.
In the tree line, it was pitch black as well. Even more so considering that the foliage overhead blocked out the remaining light. The cr
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 3 0
A Lack of Inspiration
Staring at a page
There is nothing in my head.
I cannot find it.
The words tend to escape me.
Flitting out the door.
So close to the poem.
Still so far away from it.
Just one more stanza.
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 4 5
Eighteen castaways,
Immunity idols hide
Thirty-nine days abroad
Cut-throat and deceit.
Lies are what propels this game.
Watch out for your tribe.
This is Survivor.
Million dollars is at stake
Strategy is key.
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 1 2
Up for a Dance?
Music pumpin' loud,
The dance floor's lights are blinding
Partys 'bout to start.
Girls in high heels dance,
The guys in tuxes rock out.
The dress code is low.
This partys poppin,
This country club is shakin'
You see them rockin'.
Dancing in the dark,
No sunrise gonna stop it.
Keeps gettin' louder
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 1 5
Out Cold
Darkness closes in.
Enveloping everything.
My mind starts to drift.
An eyelid opens,
Only to see the world blurred.
One lapse back down.
Sound is distorted,
Like an annoying mumble,
My limbs are heavy.
Calm hands pick me up.
Pulling me out of the cold,
And into the warmth.
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 0 0
Fire..... :iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 2 3
The sunlight color.
A metallic yellow hue.
What is it's value?
Is it currency?
Or perhaps it is jewelry.
Could it just be fun?
Symbol is AU,
Number is seventy nine.
This color is GOLD.
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 1 0
Coiling up inside.
Like a beast about to strike
Rage is all I need.
Fury bubbles up
Slipping over the edges
Drowning me in it.
I cant live with it.
I need to let go of this...
Why am I so mad?
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 2 3
Forbidden Love
Things were great at first,
Snuggling under the trees
Just a secret spark.
No one had to know.
We had our own little world
Everything was great.
Our families found out.
Gentle hints were dropped at first...
"Stay away from them..."
We just ignored them...
We wouldn't let them end us...
We were eternal...
Yet the hints got harsh
They tried to stop our meetings...
We met anyway.
Our families were mad.
They chose to keep me locked up..
Why can't I see you?
Misery takes hold.
Depression strengthens it's grasp.
I need to see you...
You try to help me..
Yet it is to no avail.
We try to make plans...
Every attempt fails..
Are you just giving up now?
My hopes have been crushed...
There is no more light...
Only the crushing darkness...
I need to end this.
The slip of a knife.
My chests begins to leek red...
The peaceful silence...
You have the same plan.
You put poison in your food.
You die soon after...
Love is a cruel fate...
Death is the only escape.
Please just set me free...
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 2 4
Toppling into Insanity....
Something turns my mind...
A poison that changes me...
Is the change for worse?
Voices in my head
Whispering their opinions.
Clouding my judgement
Everything hates me.
Paranoia is a curse
Why do you hurt me?
I feel like I'm trapped
I am drowning in my mind...
Please stop scarring me...
Its a slow decent
I may be a bit insane...
But I cant get out...
Help me escape, please.
My mind is my own prison.
I keep slipping in..
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 2 3
Freedom, Flying, Happiness
What is happiness?
Is it just an emotion?
Or rather a thought?
Can you touch happy..
Can you hold it in your hands?
Or can you be it..?
I know what it is.
Happy is a way of life
A state of being
Soaring high above
Your wings slice through the thin air
Wind buffets your face
No bonds holding you
No ties securing you down
The spirit of free
You can fly higher
Your freedom belongs to you
Are you overjoyed?
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 5 8
Parrents Sonnet
They tuck me in at the middle of night
Checking for monsters and other mean beasts
They will shine a flashlight at them at least
Those big men monsters wont put up a fight
They will always make us a little bite
They start by mixing up a bowl of yeast
And put the rest together for a feast
I will always remember that sight
When they are near, everything will be fine
I will always love them for loving me
Nothing of mine will be coated in slime
It is apparent that I am all they see
I promise to always give them my time
And in return they will be busy bees.
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 1 0
An Elegy to Famine
The crops wither and wilt
   Food becomes scarce and stringy
The wells begin to dry up
   Leaving behind dry throats
The children cry
   For their midday meal
Yet no food will be given out
   There is not enough
The adults weep
   As their stomachs corrode
Their families starve
   And there is nothing they can do...
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 1 0
Eye of fiery flames
Glowing like an ember should
Bands of red and gold
Pupil like a coal,
Smoldering with a dim light
These are the optics
Wings that are aflame.
Burning with an orange glow
Grey feathers of ash
In death it is soot
In life it has been reborn,
Just as a hatchling.
The onlookers watch
With a wistful expression
As the Phoenix floes  
:iconlayleflower:LayleFlower 0 0

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The Darkness is going to eat me, and it is all Amnesia's fault. r-r I am currently alone in my room with the lights off and only my computer emitting light. Great.. Where is my slacking dog when I need him? This is almost as bad as the time I watched the two Doctor Who episode where the shadows ate people. X_x Meep..

On another note… I SURVIVED MY FIRST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL. 8D You are now looking (reading about) a new Sophomore! Geeze that word is hard to spell.. Soph-o-more.. It should be spelled Softmore.. But no. They just had to make it hard on me. I get my wisdom teeth out Tuesday.. Unfortunately. X_x I just know they are going to give me an IV. Note: I HATE NEEDLES.. AND IVs.. x-x

And on the topic of my contest.. I think I am going to put it on hold until my muse lets me write again. Plus, I only had two entries anyways. Oh well. Sorry to those who entered but feel free to use those new military ponies of yours for your own writing. ^_^
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